Tia Smith

Tia Smith


  • B.S., Michigan State University (Electrical Engineering), 2020
  • Currently applying to law schools


Outside of work, some of Tia’s hobbies include creating YouTube tutorials showing viewers how to make affordable skin, hair, and body products in the comfort of their homes.


“In engineering school I worked as an undergraduate research assistant in our power machines laboratory. In my final year I worked on a large project for a major automotive company and I remember meeting the engineers who spear-headed the project on the corporate side. A few weeks later I learned that those engineers filed a patent for a piece of technology we helped create and I became very interested in learning more about the process of filing a patent application.

After expressing my interest, their patent attorney was kind enough to explain the process to me and in that moment I could envision myself being a patent attorney someday. After interning at CGO during my winter break I knew that this was the right career path for me. I believe this work is extremely important and there is so much power in helping a client own their invention.”