About CGO


Our commitment to achieving your goals with the same care and tenacity that we give to our own is the driving force behind everything we do. You can expect us to be quick studies, good listeners, and staunch advocates who understand your business objectives and work efficiently to reach them. We build long-term relationships through trust, superior work product, and clear communication because we want you to be a client today and for many tomorrows.


We believe that your legal fees should be commensurate with your business goals. When possible, we give you a realistic evaluation of your legal expense so that you can plan for it and avoid surprises. We are business owners, too, and understand that budgets are not unlimited. Our clients prefer value-based advice, work product, and solutions over an office with fancy art and marble floors.

We have extensive experience with fixed fee arrangements and other alternatives to hourly billing. When a client prefers hourly billing, we never “churn the file” or “nickel and dime” for administrative tasks. We always strive to provide cost-effective results, recognizing that clients who get good value for their money will be our clients for decades.


We have fostered a firm culture that values everyone equally. We protect and nurture our workplace environment so that each individual can flourish. No one testifies to our commitment in this area better than our employees:

"CGO accepts everyone's differences and highlights the advantages provided by those differences."
"The organization has a unique culture that is family-like in its atmosphere, regard for others, and office style. Everyone looks out for everyone else and nobody feels left out on an island."
"The culture and approach foster people truly caring about each other and caring about excellence in our work."


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