Intellectual Property Litigation

Litigation is a problem-solving tool that is not always the most efficient but sometimes necessary. There are times when a court must decide a dispute because reason does not prevail. Whether you need to assert your rights or you find yourself accused by a competitor, you want trial lawyers who are at ease presenting your case to a judge and jury with the depth of knowledge of intellectual property law needed to win. We marry courtroom experience with technology acumen to give you the surest footing for success, regardless how complex the legal issues or technology may be.

Many cases do not have a final end until well after trial. We take the same forward-thinking and determined approach throughout the entirety of a case. As an example, we recently took a patent case all the way to the US Supreme Court where we successfully argued that part of the patent statute was unconstitutional. Few firms have accomplished that and fewer still can say the Supreme Court agreed with them.

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